Commercial Real Estate 

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Luxury provides tailored real estate consulting services to investors, developers, owners and users of commercial property across Tokyo. We offer a professional and discreet service for Japanese and international clients who are looking to buy commercial property in Tokyo, throughout Japan and globally.

Our commercial property consultants provide the highest standards of consultancy and introductory services relating to the buying or the selling of commercial properties such as Apartment Buildings, Offices, Trophy Assets and Luxury Hotels in Japan or overseas.  

We provide our clients with a large network of international clients and a collaboration with the best firms and consultants in the real estate business in Japan. We also have coverage throughout the UAE, Asia Pacific, Africa, London, Europe and the Americas, focusing on commercial properties and Luxury residential properties.

Our commercial services

  • Property search
  • Property visit
  • Representing the Buyers
  • Representing the Sellers
  • others