Real estate and Consulting services in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Luxury works in the best interests of his clients and strive to find you the best luxury property at the best possible price.  We are a private consulting Company and an introductory service provider for Buyer, Seller and or clients to the various contacts that suit their business needs at their request. Please find below a list of the services that we offer.

We specializes in professional, confidential and discreet luxury real estate services and our top priority is the satisfaction of  our clients.

With the help of our collaborators and real estate consultants, we can conduct a thorough search on your behalf and perform a due diligence on each property before submitting them to you. This process will saves you time because we will search and select only the most suitable properties. We know your time is precious and by request, we can physically inspect properties and take pictures or a quick video to provide you with a better idea on the property that you would like to buy. This can be helpful if you are busy at work or travelling out of the country. We will represent you as a Buyer in order to find you the best real estate property that respect your needs and your budget. 

Our consulting fees are paid based on success and performance.  

Our tailored services include:

  • Luxury Real estate (Buy, Rent or Sell)
  • Commercial Real estate (Buy, Rent or sell)
  • Hotels & Hospitality  (Buy or Sell)
  • Representing the Buyers 
  • Representing the Sellers 
  • Property search
  • Property visit (pictures, videos)
  • Negotiation and mediation services
  • Due Diligence services
  • Luxury Vacation Homes (Buy, Rent or sell)
  • Private & Commercial Financing
  • Real estate consultancy services
  • Portfolio & asset Management


When we help a buyer to find a Luxury home or condo, we charge our client a simple consulting fee that is based on the purchase price and also paid based on success.  Some services might request a deposit or money to be paid in advance and everything will be discussed and adapted to your specific needs and request.

Due to the nature of the real estate business in Japan,  the properties for sell usually have a brokerage fee and in other situation, some properties may have the commission already built into the sale price. In this second scenario, the buyer will not have to pay any additional fee or brokerage fee on top of our consulting fee if the property is listed by a brokerage firm. Sometimes, we may also be able to get a referral fee from the seller and or the real estate broker and this will all be disclosed to our client for full transparency.

We offer English speaking services and we may also request the help of a translator if needed and in order to deliver the best service to our clients. The final stage of the transaction will usually be taking care of by one of our collaborators, attorney or a local real estate broker. 

We are looking forward to help you find the best real estate investment opportunity in Japan.

Best Regards